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Bathtub & Tile Surrounds Expertise



Surface Techs proprietary two step resurfacing process offers maximum durability on porcelain, fiberglass, and tile resulting in years of service.

"Do It Once Do It Right"

Reglazed samples after our two step process.

Bath tub repair in place at a fraction of replacement cost.

Adding the optional top coat will extend the life of all your projects and reduce future budgetary expenses.

An additional option is to have a anti-skid surface installed on the bottom of th tub or shower. Surface Techs has several options to address the anti-skid feature.

Kitchen & Bath Countertops



Our unique process gives you depth, texture, additional apartment turn life, and the ability to patch an abused area on your countertops. When patching/blending an area, we will be able save you the cost of doing the entire countertop.

Even a new standard countertop cannot offer the ability to patch abuse. This unique feature may answer the question; replace or renew?


Surface Techs Three Step Advantage



Surface Techs three step resurfacing process offers maximum durability on kitchen & bath countertops for years of service.


First application on the existing countertop is a base coat. This can be used by itself to renew your countertop and is our most cost effective step to give you that refreshed look.


Second application adds the "fleck" pictured on the left. This will be added to the base coat which will add depth, texture, and the "Granite Look" some people desire.


Third application is our top coat which is included in our premium package Stone Fleck pictured left. This is a combination of application one, two, and three which is an excellent value. Stone Fleck is patchable in case of an accident or abuse which will save you the cost of doing the entire countertop!


Top coat is the "shield" which will protect your investment from the daily usage countertops endure for years of maximum durability.

Surface Techs has colors or combinations of, to match almost any decor. Just select your favorite custom colors to give countertops or vanities that clean fresh look, and let us do the rest.


A beautiful sample on the right is a fraction of the cost of replacement.

More results our customers have truly come to enjoy!

Interior Painting Expertise



One of the key defining elements to renovation is fresh clean lines at the edges of walls and ceilings after a painting application.


Surface Techs brings their precision expertise from resurfacing to interior painting creating a professional result, within budgetary goals.


Resulting in a vibrant look which will make your products more appealing.

With years of refining our unique process, we are able to meet the demanding timelines the multi-housing industry requires.


Go ahead, select the color and the type of paint best suited for your project...

Be assured, Surface Techs will deliver the best quality & performance our current customers are enjoying and you may be looking for.

Dry Wall Expertise



Another key factor to customer satisfaction is preparing the surfaces to an exact level customers will associate with your products.

Not only does Surface Techs deliver such expertise, it is completed within tight timelines and paintable the sameday!


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